On the basis of Physico-Technical Institute Ntuu "KPI" the staff of the Department conduct the following courses:

  • Intelligent Computing
  • Programming
  • Expert Systems
  • Automatic control theory
  • Computer architecture

Doctor of Technical Sciences Shelstova A. Yu. The scientific rank of the Professor at the Department of Programming Technology at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine under the direction of Prof. Kussul N. M. Six Ph.D. theses have been prepared and defended:

  • Basarab Ruslan Mikhailovich, name of dissertation: "Inductive methods of preliminary processing of remote sensing data (" Sich-2 ")" (28.04.2015)
  • Andriy Kolomiets, the title of the dissertation: "Regression model of the yields of winter wheat yield on the basis of satellite data" (25.07.2014)
  • Serhiy Yanevsky, the title of the dissertation: "Multi-criteria optimization of long-term space planning" (08.06.2012)
  • Kateryna O. Nedro, the name of the dissertation: "Models and means of neural classification of satellite data" (22.05.2012)
  • Kravchenko Alexey Mykolayovych, name of dissertation: "Models, methods and information technologies of monitoring the state of vegetation and soil" (16.06.2009)
  • Nguyen Thanh Phong (Vietnam), Dissertation name: "Information technology of parallel filtration of pulse noise on satellite images" (21.11.2005)
  • Skkun Sergei, title of dissertation: "Complex analysis of behavior of users of computer systems based on neural models" (05.10.2005)

Under the direction of Prof. Shelistova A. Y. Two candidate dissertations were prepared and defended:

  • Bohdan Yallymov, the title of the dissertation: "Automated information technology mapping the Earth cover on the basis of methods and models of the merger of satellite data" (21.12.2016)
  • Grypich Julia Antonovna, title of dissertation: "Neural Models and information technologies of classification and evaluation of risks based on geospatial information" (12.09.2012)

Two youth scientific collectives of the Department under the direction of Prof. Kussul N. M. The prizes were awarded to the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for students of higher educational establishments for the work "intellectual system of monitoring computer Users Activity" (2004) and "Development of prototype distributed Grid systems for Parallel data processing of Earth Observations from Space» (2006).