Information technology for fire danger assessment and fire monitoring in natural ecosystems based on satellite data

Project within the NRFU competition “Science for the safety of human and society”

Project duration: 2020-2021

Supervisor: prof. Nataliia Kussul

Project code: 2020.01/0268

Project abstract

The project envisages the development of information technology for fire danger assessment and fire monitoring based on satellite data with increased accuracy and reliability on the base of new fire danger index, generalized to main types of natural ecosystems, and new probabilistic model for fire detection and spread zones localization based on the land surface temperature maps with increased spatial resolution and on the combination of heterogeneous geospatial products with fire danger index maps. 3 new methods and models will be developed and implemented in Google Earth Engine. Testing and verification of the developed methods will be provided. The GIS project
will be created, the data set of which will contain the formed geo-information layers with attributive information about fires and their preconditions for the territory of Ukraine and the harmonized collection of satellite data. The information technology will be created.

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