GRID technologies for environmental monitoring using satellite data

   December, 2005 - November, 2007





Space Weather Monitoring



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Overall objective: The development of regional GRID infrastructure for environmental monitoring using data from multiple sources and high-performance computing.

The project foresees the development of efficient information technologies for integration of computational and data resources, geospatial data processing and indexing and combined use of heterogeneous data that will be based on GRID paradigm and enable the solution of complex problems arising in environmental monitoring using satellite data. Development of such system will allow to unite Ukrainian informational and computational resources and to integrate them to European and world programs of environmental monitoring.

Integration of computational and information resources within Grid system will be carried in the following directions:

GRID interfaces and services will be provided by the means of Globus Toolkit – the most advanced and de-facto standard framework for GRID computing. Integration of computational clusters into GRID system will enable solution of problems of environmental monitoring in a real time. Results of this project in form of shared infrastructure, data archives with common metadata scheme and a set of completed applications will be useful for development of “CosmoGIS NSAU” project and international programs GEOSS, GMES, INSPIRE and E-STAR. In particular, we will study the problems of multidimensional modelling of diffusion processes in complex environment and prediction of hydrometeorological phenomena. Another example of problems that will be studied within this project is the synergistic approach and fractal analysis applied to experimental data of solar activity.

To solve these problems we plan to use Earth remote sensing data and SCIT-1 and SCIT-2 cluster systems of Institute of Cybernetics NASU. Also we should state that architecture of GRID system and use of universal approaches for development of GRID-services will allow to simplify integration of new data sources into the system and rapid development of services for solving of other kinds of problems.

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