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Entry level meeting between ERA-PLANET project participants and Kyiv Smart City initiative

of Entry level meeting between ERA-PLANET project participants and Kyiv Smart City initiative, 19th of September, 2017

Glushkov Ave 40, 4/1, 03680, Kyiv 187, Ukraine
Scientific Hall of Space Research Institute National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and State Space Agency of Ukraine (SRI NASU-SSAU)

Paticipated: 26 representatives, full list in Ukrainain is available via link:


  • Nataliia Kussul from SRI NASU-SSAU presented on Horizon-2020 ERA-PLANET project and participation of Ukraine in it (presentation in pdf);
  • Olexander Finchuk from Kyiv Smart City initiative presented the project of ecological monitoring system for Kyiv(presentation in pdf);
  • Andrii Kolotii from SRI NASU-SSAU presented review on available air quality satellite based products and informed about the prospects of use of new products from Sentinel mission for air quality assesment (presentation in pdf);
  • Hennadii Milinevsky from Main Astronomic Observatory of NASU presented current state on particle matter estimation (PM2.5/PM10)(presentation in pdf);
  • Tetiana Borisova from Palladin Institute of Biochemistry presented the survey of air pollution influence on the functioning of the central neural system (presentation in pdf);
  • Olena Turos from State Insitution O.M. Marzeiev Institute for public health NAMSU presented capacity on air pollution monitoring and about the influence on human health (presentation in pdf);
  • Bohdan Yailymov from SRI NASU-SSAU presented results on aerosols and buildings density monitoring with satellite data (namely Landsa7-8 and Sentinel-2) (presentation in pdf);
  • Viacheslav Moroz from National Center Of Space Facilities Control And Test presented capacities on environment monitoring(presentation in pdf);
  • Oleksii Parnovskii from SRI NASU-SSAU presented capacities for space weather early warning system for Kiev residents (presentation in pdf);
  • Victor Putrenko from WDC-Ukraine of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute presented results on environment pollution monitorng (including air pollution monitoring) (presentation in pdf);
  • Olga Sedlerova from Scientific Centre for Aerospace Research of the Earth presented capacities on urban regions monitoring(presentation pdf).

Decided to:

  1. Form jointed working group between Kyiv Smart City initiative and ERA-PLANET project participants for further cooperation;
  2. Plan next meeting with representatives of Kyiv Smart City for detailed discussion of cooperation.


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