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Defence of Ph.D. thesis by Nasuro Ekaterina Valerievna "Models and methods for neural network classification of satellite images"

22.05.2012 at a meeting of the Specialized Scientific Council К 26.062.11 in the National Aviation University of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine Nasuro Ekaterina Valerievna defended a Ph.D. thesis "Models and methods for neural network classification of satellite images" - 004.032.26:519.85:53.083.7(043.3) - on speciality 01.05.03 - Mathematical and software computer systems for the degree candidate of technical sciences.

Supervisor: Prof. Nataliia Kussul, Space Research Institute NASU-NSAU , senior scientist, deputy director for Science
Oficial opponents: PhD, senior scientistAleksandr Reznik, Institute of mathematical machines and systems NASU, head of the neuro technologies department
PhD, senior scientist Sergii Slipchenko, International research and training center for information technology NASU and Ministry of education, youth and sports of Ukraine, a senior researcher

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