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Staff of the Department

Head of Department
Nataliia Kussul Prof., Dr. room 309
Leading Scientist
Andrii Shelestov Prof., Dr room 312
Senior Scientists
Andrii Kolotij PhD room 312
Research Scientists
Lidiia Tyutyunnyk M.Sc.  room 303
Iuliia Grypych PhD room 303
Bohdan Yailymov PhD room 312
Junior Scientists
Mykola Lavreniuk Junior Scientist room 312
Hanna Yailymova Junior Scientist room 312
Programming Engineers
Stolova Olesya engineer room 312
Krishtal Anna engineer room 312
Meretsky Mykola engineer room 312
Shumilo Leonid engineer room 312

From 20 to 23 June in Pecs, Hungary the South Central and Eastern European Regional Information Network 5 (SCERIN-5) was held. Read more...
From 22 to 26 of May representatives of Space Research Institute NASU-SSAU participated in the international training devoted to combating desertification Read more ...
Young employees of Space Research Institute took the first place in hackathon NASA International Space Apps Challenge which was held in Kiev (29-30 April 2017) Read more...
On the 3-d of March 2017 representatives of Space Research Institute NASU-SSAU participated in interagency meeting Studying ways to achieve Neutral Land Degradation and to establish appropriate national objectives Read more...
On the 17-th of February 2017 Prof. Nataliia Kussul was invited to participate in the event UNO model that was organized by Naukova zmina lyceum (LMZMUN17) Read more...
There was a presenting of the thesis for scientific degree candidate of technical sciences of Bohdan Yailymov. Read more...
Symposium with users of the Evidenz project was held in NTUU KPI named Igor Sikorsky. Read more...
Euronews channel within the Futuris program is informing about the work of Space Research Institute NAS Ukraine and SSA Ukraine. Read more ...
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