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Staff of the Department

Head of Department
Nataliia Kussul Prof., Dr. room 309
Leading Scientist
Andrii Shelestov Prof., Dr room 312
Senior Scientists
Andrii Kolotij PhD room 312
Research Scientists
Lidiia Tyutyunnyk M.Sc.  room 303
Iuliia Grypych PhD room 303
Bohdan Yailymov PhD room 312
Junior Scientists
Mykola Lavreniuk Junior Scientist room 312
Hanna Yailymova Junior Scientist room 312
Programming Engineers
Stolova Olesya engineer room 312
Krishtal Anna engineer room 312
Meretsky Mykola engineer room 312
Shumilo Leonid engineer room 312

On 27-28 of March 2018, a workshop on the ERA-PLANET SMURBS project was held at the premises of the University of Hamburg. The workshop was devoted to issues related to the implementation of air monitoring, intelligent response and disaster prevention technologies, as well as urban agglomeration issues within the smart city. Read more...
From 12 to 15 of March 2018 Deputy Director of Space Research Institute NASU-SSAU Prof. Nataliia Kussul participated in Regional workshop on UNCCD training for the countries on NMED/CEE and Central Asia that was held in Antalya. Read more...
On the 7-th of March 2018 a cooperation agreement between Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine and Space Research Institute NAS Ukraine and SSA Ukraine (SRI NASU-SSAU) was signed. Read more...
On February 21 an agreement on cooperation within the framework of the ERA-PLANET project was signed at the Kyiv City State Administration between the Department of Information and Communication Technologies of the executive body of the Kyiv City State Administration, the Space Research Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the State Space Agency of Ukraine and the public organization SMART SITY HUB Read more...
From 6 to 7 of February 2018 representatives of Space Research Institute NASU-SSAU participated in the meeting on ERA-PLANET IGOSP project Read more...
Our greetings to the authors of the article "Deep Learning Classification of Land Cover and Crop Types Using Remote Sensing Data" published in IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters with receival IEEE Publication Encouragement Award 2017 for publication Read more...
On 16 of January 2018 representatives of Space Research Institute NASU-SSAU participated in meeting with representatives of Department of Agricultural Development of Kyiv Regional State Administration Read more...
On 22-24 of November 2017 representatives of Space Research Institute NASU-SSAU participated in the UNO international conference on international cooperation towards low-emissions and resilient societies that was held in Bonn, Germany. Read more...
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