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The Fifth Anniversary Opened Conference on
"Remote sensing of Earth from space"

Moscow, Russia, November 12-16, 2007

Within the section "Methods and Technologies of Using Satellite Data in Monitoring Systems",
a special joint session was held on "Methods and Technologies for Integration of Information Monitoring Systems"
(co-ordinators Prof. N.Kussul, Dr. E.Lupjan). 
During the session, the following presentations were made:
  1. N.Kussul, E.Lupjan, A.Shelestov, L.Hluchy, P.Kopp, M.Korbakov Grid technologies in environmental monitoring systems (SRI NASU-NSAU, IKI RAN, Institute of informatics SAS)
  2. I.Balashov, M.Burtsev, V.Efremov, E.Lupjan, A.Proshin, V.Tolpin Development of archives for dynamic formation of satellite-based GIS products (IKI RAN)
  3. M.Zhizhin, S.Berezin, A.Pojda, D.Mishin, D.Medvedev, D.Vojcehovskiy, E.Kin, V.Ljycarev Search scenarios in large data archives on environment (GC RAS, MSU, Microsoft Research, NOAA)
  4. N.Kussul, A.Kravchenko Data fusion in systems of environmental monitoring (SRI NASU-NSAU)
  5. E.Ash Mosaics of space-borne images as a basis for Geo-portals ("ScanEx", Russia)
  6. V.Ljalko, M.Popov Remote sensing polygons of Ukraine and the prospects of their application in GEOSS/GMES (CASRE NASU)
  7. V.Savorskiy, A.Proshin, V.Efremov, N.Kussul, A.Shelestov, N.Illin, M.Korbakov Integration of regional systems of satellite monitoring using standard map interfaces (SRI NASU-NSAU, IKI RAN)
  8. D.Kokovin, D.Mishin, D.Medvedev, M.Zyzyn VxOware - open software for virtual observatories (GC RAS)
  9. V.Voloshin, V.Sablina, Ja.Stephanishin Legal issues in Earth remote sensing industry (Dniprocosmos State Company, NSAU)
  10. Within the "Methods and Algorithms for Satellite Data Processing", the following presentation was made:

    A.Shelestov, S.Skakun, Ju.Tischenko Integration of microwave data for solution of problems of satellite monitoring (SRI NASU-NSAU, IKI RAN)


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