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Technical Expert Meeting under the UN-SPIDER project

Bonn, Germany, 09 September 2009


On September 9, 2009, research officers of the department of information technology systems of the Space Research Institute under NAS and NSA of Ukraine - Head. Dep., prof., Ph.D. Kussul NN and Senior Scientist, Ph.D. Skakun SV participated in the meeting of UN-SPIDER, which was held in Bonn, Germany. UN-SPIDER This meeting brought together about 30 members, among them - delegation from the Department of Water Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture Water and Forestry (MAWF) in Namibia, representatives from: the German Space Agency (DLR), NASA, NOAA, Ukrainian Space Research Institute (SRI), New York City University, John's Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health as well as colleagues from other UN organisations located in Bonn such as UNU-EHS, UNISDR-PPEW and UNW-DPC. The expert group of Experts submitted a pilot project ot the Ambassador of Namibia in Germany, Neville Hertz, who visited the UN campus in Bonn. The pilot project involves the development of the operational floods control system, which will be based on the use of satellite data and modeling techniques for forecasting floods and diseases that they provoke. Draft of operational floods control system was presented to the representatives of local authorities of the South African region. To achieve this goal cooperation with international financial organizations is provided.



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