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Fifth International Conference "Earth Observations for Sustainable Development and Security (GEO-UA 2016)

From 10 to 14 of October 2016 in Kiev on the premices of NAS of Ukraine and NTU "KPI named Igor Sikorsky" Fifth International Conference "Aerospace Observations for Sustainable Development and Security (GEO-UA 2016) in the context of the Global Agricultural Satellite Monitoring Initiative GEOGLAM was held. The conference from Ukrainian side was organized by Space Research Institute of NASU-SSAU and NTU "KPI named Igor Sikorsky".

Within the conference the symposium on European Space Agency project Sentinel-2 for Agriculture, the annual meeting on the JECAM project of GEOGLAM program and an international meeting on the "SIGMA" project (Seventh Framework Programme supported by the European Commission) were held.

Thus, in 2016 Ukraine became the only country for which the demonstration project "Sen2-Agri" on automatic generation of Sentinel-2 products for separate regions across the country was implemented. It is important that Ukrainian experts provide a full cycle of data processing - from collecting satellite and ground data to creation of end-products for consumers.

Winthin "Sen2-Agri" Project it is planned than following products will be provided on a regular basis: atmospheric correction products (resolution - 10-20 m, every 12 days), cloud-free composites (resolution - 10, 20, 30 and 60 m, refresh rate - 1 month), vegetation indices LAI and NDVI (resolution - 10, 20, 30 and 60 meters each decade), cropland masks (resolution - 10, 20, 30 and 60 meters with further clarification - 1 per month) and land use maps (resolution - 10 of 20 30 and 60 m, twice per vegetational season).

GEO-UA conference was devoted to discussions with the interested departments and agencies (end-users) on the state and prospects of use of innovative satellite technology in strategic sectors of Ukraine's economy, particularly in the agricultural sector.

The workshop was attended by leaders of GEOGLAM program, representatives of the European Space Agency and leading experts in Satellite Agromonitoring from the European Union, the United States, Canada, Argentina, South Africa and representatives of the authorities of Ukraine, leading scientists in the field of Satellite Agromonitoring and representatives students. The role and perspectives of Ukraine in the global Satellite Agromonitoring GEOGLAM of GEO group, as well as ways to implement Earth observation system in Ukraine were discussed.

Within the conference a training on the applied aspects of satellite monitoring for the agricultural domain was organized. Training was conducted by leading scientists of the European Union and Ukraine. In particular, the author of biophysical models WOFOST Professor Hendrik Boogaard from ALTERRA company and the Wageningen University (WUR, Netherlands) presented about methods of yield prediction based on inductive and biophysical parameters obtained by satellite monitoring. Professor Elisabetta Carfagna from the University of Bologna highlighted the scientific and practical aspects of geospatial mathematical statistics, the use of satellite products for agricultural insurance and crop area estimation.

It is expected that this conference will provide a strong acceleration for the integration of new satellite technologies in operational use by government agencies and all interested users in Ukraine.

Photos of Sen2-Agri workshop participants and samples of land cover maps on the scale of the whole Ukraine
Photos of participants from GEO-UA Applications Section

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