Second round of International Competition Intel ISEF – Intel-Techno Ukraine 2014-2015 – the the National Competition Intel ISEF International Science and Engineering Fair was held on October 14,2015 in the Kiev Polytechnic Institute.It support by Intel Ukrainian Representatives Office.

It was attended by members of the circle at the Space Research Institute of NAS Ukraine and SSA Ukraine, which was represented by the category of «Computer Science». Vikulov Andrew (I-III School of Art. №286, Kyiv) participated in the competition. At the final of the National stage of International Competition “Intel-Techno Ukraine” 2015-2016 the project «Agromonitoring modernization with use of UAVs». Research manager of this work was Bogdan Yailymov. He was awarded by certificate.

The main innovation of this work is the possibility of integration biomass maps (created with use satellite data) and UAV data for tracking the dynamics of the growth of crops, for problem areas identification and yield forecasting. This approach allows to take advantage of different data sources for agromonitoring tasks. Presented technology was tested on JECAM test site in Ukraine.

Our educatee‘s project «Crop mapping with use of satellite data» was accepted for participation in the final of 4th competition of startups «Sikorsky Challenge 2015».

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