Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Deputy Director of the Institute of Space Research, Nasu and DCAU, head of information Technology and Systems Institute of Space Research of NAS and Ukraine deputy chairman of the Specialized Scientific Council of the Institute Space research of NAS and Ka of Ukraine professor of Information Security Department NTUU “KPI” representative of Ukraine in the Working Group on Information Technologies and Services Wgiss Committee of CEOs. Expert of the European Commission coordinator of the UN Regional Center for the use of satellite data in crisis situations un-SPIDER (since 2011 year). The area of scientific interests-intelligent methods and information technologies of processing of complex heterogeneous data on the basis of neural approach to image recognition. Author of numerous publications. More detailed information on ResearchGate, Googlescolar, orcid_id is a member of the Program Committee of international Conferences on the subjects of intellectual computation: “Information-Interaction-Intellect”, “advances of informational modelling”, all-Ukrainian Conference “Aerospace Observations for sustainable development and security”. Reviewer and visiting editor of international Journals “Computing and Informatics”, “Earth Science Informatics”, “IEEE Journal of Selected topics in Applied Earth observations and Remote Sensing”. Prepared 6 candidates of science, 3 collectives of young scientists and students awarded the prize of the Nasu (2003, 2005, 2014), and 1 the team won the 3rd place in the competition Samsung (2006 year) on the theme of intellectual information technologies.



1998-2001 — doctoral student of the NKD Nasu-Nsau; Doctor of Technical Sciences 1987-1991 — Student of Cybernetics Institute of Nasu; Candidate of Technical Science 1982-1987 — Student of Kyiv National University named after T. G. Shevchenko Diploma of Master on a speciality “mathematics” with honors

Professional activity:

2009-Tep. Time-ІKD Nasu-Nsau; Deputy Director 2002-Tep. Time-ІKD Nasu-Nsau; Head of information Technologies and Systems Department 1996-1998-ІKD Nasu-Nsau; Senior Researcher 1987-1996-Cybernetics Institute of Nasu; Engineer-programmer, junior researcher, researcher, senior researcher

International projects (participation in the role of coordinator on Ukrainian side):

  • Sentinel-2 for Agriculture (2016-2018) Personal contract for experts of the European Commission
  • Evidenz: Earth Observation-based information products for drought risk assessment on a national basis (2016-2018) Personal contract for experts of the European Commission
  • Parcel based classification for agricultural Mapping and Monitoring (Ukraine) (2014-2015) Personal contract for experts of the European Commission
  • Stimulating Innovation for Global monitoring of agriculture and its Impact on the Environment in support of Geoglam (SIGMA) (2013-2017), FP7 of European Commission
  • Crop area estimation with satellite images in Ukraine (2010-2011), European Commission Joint Research Center (EC-JRC) contract within MARS project.
  • Analysis of Climate Change & Food Security based on Remote Sensing & In Situ Data Sets (2011-2012), U.S. civilian Research & Development Foundation (CRDF) project with NOAA.
  • State Space Agency of Ukraine (2012) contract on the creation of the Geoportal for Ukrainian remote Sensing satellite Sich-2
  • Joint Experiment for CROP Assessment and Monitoring (JECAM) Ukraine (2011-present), establishment of the JECAM test site in Ukraine, application of EO techniques for agriculture.
  • SAR parameters optimization for crop classification (2012-present), supported by the Canadian Space Agency within SOAR-Jecam initiative.
  • Geoss Architecture for the use of satellites for disasters and Risk assessment (GA. 4. Disasters) (2011-2013) within CEOs Working Group on Information Systems and Services (Wgiss).
  • The Namibian Trans-boundary Flood-Disease monitoring and mitigation System – An international Sensorweb Pilot Project (2010-present), An International Project for Namibia with participation of UN-SPIDER, NASA, DRL, Namibia Department of hydrology, Space Research Institute, CSA, NOAA, EC-JRC, ITC

Working in collaboration:

2005-Tep. Time-member of the Working Group Wgiss International Committee on Satellite Supervision CEOs 1997-Tep. Time-professor of Information Security Department of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”. 2003-2007-head of the Department of Software Engineering of the National Aviation University 2002-2004-professor of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and European University 2000-2001-Senior mathematician Company Comgates Ukraine LTD 1996-2006-Translator and scientific editor in Computer publishers “dialectics” and “Junior” 1999-2000-Senior developer of the company Comgates Ukraine Ltd 1995-1996-Lecturer of the International Scientific and Educational Center


  • Awarded with the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine the memorable sign “for Merit” (2014)
  • Awarded with the Diploma of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for merits to Ukrainian people (2005)
  • The Java programming language Teacher’s certificate issued by Sun Microsystems, May 2003
  • Laureate of the President of Ukraine Scholarship for young scientists (1992-2000)
  • Member of the International Society of scientists in Applied mathematics “Gamm” and “Women in Science”