Acquirer: European Commission

Performer: Space Research Institute NASU-NSAU

Project leader from Ukraine: Prof., Dr. Nataliia Kussul

Project Coordinator: Anthony Lehmann, Prof. at University of Geneva

Project Overview:

GEOEssential is addressing the need for trusted sources of data and information to
monitor the progresses made on environmental conditions towards policy targets. The project will demonstrate the feasibility
of Essential Variables across GEO Societal Benefit Areas. It will create cross-thematic workflows to evaluate, predict and
monitor natural resources to inform via Earth Observations the Sustainable Development Goals. Existing structures and
platforms will be analysed in order to identify substantial gaps and synergies for addressing the needs of environmental
policy in agriculture, soil, water, biodiversity, energy, light and raw materials. Solutions for improvements will be
provided in cooperation with GEO and Copernicus programmes.