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Development of scientific basis to improve location accuracy of remote sensing data

Acquirer: National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Organisation: Space Research Institute NASU-NSAU

Project leader: Prof., Dr. Nataliya Kussul

Purpose of the project:

Development of robust methods for finding control points for solving georeference. Software implementation of the algorithms and evaluation of the accuracy of developed methods through numerical experiments.

Main stages

Stage 1. Software development to improve georeference for middle-resolution satellite images.
Stage 2. Development of robust methods for finding control points for solving georeference

2013 Year Results

Software development was tested on the Ukrainian Sich-2 satellite of middle resolution. A new approach for automatic orthorectification of images of Ukrainian Sich-2 satellite was presented.
The accuracy of georeference was analysed on the images of “Sich-2” satellite and on the georeferencing images. Evaluation of the accuracy of georeference was done on the 73 images of Ukrainian Sich-2 satellite.
It allows us to decrease georeferencing error 4 times comparing to previous results, and to archive a significant decrease of the error (20-40 times) comparing to georeferencing using orbital data.

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