On December 10-14 The conference AGU Fall Meeting held in Walter E. Washington Convention Center

December 10, the performance of Shelstova Andrei Yuriyovych was held with the report. On December 12 there were presented two posters: Mykola Lavrenchuk – on dissertation within the project intellect and Colossians Andrei on GEO-ESSENTIAL ERA-PLANET.

On December 13, a speech was held with a speech by Nataliya Mykolayivna Kussul on the materials of the World Bank project, performed within the framework of the World Bank program for three regions of Ukraine (Kyiv, Mykolaiv, Lviv) in 2018.

As our team showed at AGU 2018, a new era of free satellite data, a merger of various classification methods and coordinated work-the guarantee of good results.

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