Certification training

Advanced training course

Space Research Institute of NASU and SSAU together with the Copernicus Academy network conducts advanced training course for teachers of geography, physics, computer science, mathematics, astronomy, lecturers and graduate students, government officials and the entire active community, who intends to gain knowledge and skills in working with geospatial information.

Over the last decade, the amount of satellite data in free access with a high resolution space has increased significantly. Such data contains a lot of important information that can be useful for management decisions both at the national level and for local authorities. Earth observation satellites make it possible to track, analyze and predict changes in the environment. The most interesting information that can be extracted from regular satellite observations is problems of smart cities, forest monitoring, air quality assessment, monitoring of agricultural lands and many other applications. Most of the listed products obtained from satellite data are used to calculate indicators of sustainable development goals. The course will show how satellite data is used to counter the effects of natural emergencies (fires, floods, etc.). All this information can be obtained by using the skills and abilities within this course.

At the end of the course, each participant will have the opportunity to complete a qualifying dissertation (project) on the basis of acquired knowledge and skills, as well as receive a certificate of completion of advanced training program “Information Technology of Geospatial and Satellite Data Analysis”. Training can take place both full-time and distance.

More information about the in-service training program for teachers, lecturers and other stakeholders can be found in the attachment.Download the in-service training program for teachers, educators and other stakeholders.

Contact information for enrolling in course:
Phone: +38 044 522-47-83, +38 044 526-25-53
Email: inform@ikd.kiev.ua