SMart URBan Solutions for air quality, disasters and city growth (SMURBS)

Customer: European Commission

Performer: Space Research Institute NAS Ukraine and SSA Ukraine

Project manager from Ukraine: Dr. Prof. Kussul N. М., Dr., Prof. Shelstov A. Y.

Project coordinator: Athenian National Observatory, (Greece)

About the project: The main goal of Smurbs is to develop a “clever city”, which is necessary to enhance environmental and social sustainability to urban influence using surveillance systems Earth. In view of this goal, its objectives are divided into 3 categories: a) basic, aimed at the coordination and operation of existing programs, strategies, data, networks, services and goals; b) Vertical, which define the urban impact (air pollution, disaster, urban growth) for health, migration and other changes; b) are horizontal, to ensure the compatibility of the received data and services within ERA-PLANET and other infrastructures. The general purpose of Smurbs is to increase the quality of life of citizens and to increase the stability of cities to pollution of the atmosphere, natural and manmade disasters with the help of network of “smart urban Solutions”, which take into account the existing growth rates Long-term consequences (such as health) and new growing influences (migration). Existing “smart cities” or their network do not fully use the capabilities of land surveillance to provide holistic approaches to the modern load on the environment. The purpose of Smurbs is to unite a large number of high-level partners in observing the land, uniting national resources and objects, coordinating national/regional Research programs, cultivating the exchange of know-how and Introduction of interdisciplinary measures to overcome the current partial status of observing the Earth under the general concept of “clever city”. Kiev was elected as one of the pilot cities for implementation of best European practices of remote monitoring of city ecology.

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