The 2022 General Assembly of the European e-shape project has started

«No Users – No Pilot»,

Marie-Françoise Voidrot,

Director of European Innovation Programs, OGC

The virtual General Assembly 2022 of the European e-shape project will be held for three days from 1 to 3 February. The opening of the international event was made by Thierry Ranchin – scientific coordinator of the e-shape project, a representative of the private science and technology company ARMINES. He analyzed the main results from 2019 and current issues of the project until its completion in 2023, namely: the use of artificial intelligence technologies, machine learning, development and implementation of digital duplicates of regional and European scale.

Since the start of the e-shape project under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research program, the number of project partners has reached 69, implementing 37 pilot projects, including the Ukrainian project «Service for SDG 2.4.1 and 15.3.1 indicators», Supervisor, Ph.D., Professor Nataliіa Kussul.

Scientific coordinator Thierry Ranchin stressed that the implementation of pilot projects is part of the phase of creating an MVP with further scaling.

Moreover, according to some pilot projects, sprints have been created since 2019.

Among the results of the pilot projects, which were submitted for demonstration of participants, was the report «Forecasting the yield of major crops of Ukraine» student of РTI NTUU «KPI» Drozd Sofia within our pilot project «Service for SDG 2.4.1 and 15.3.1 indicators».

According to research coordinator Thierry Ranchin, everyone can try to implement their own MVP.

Join us!

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