The first swallows of master’s students

Abstracts were successfully submitted to the conference 2021 IEEE 19th International Conference on Smart Technologies (EUROCON) ( Magistracy first year student enrolled in 122 specialty Computer Science for an educational program that is based on the Kiev Academic University and the Space Research Institute, gave its first scientific results on the subjects Computational Intelligence & Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Machine Learning & Vision.

It is a pleasure to note the works where our master’s students co-authored:

1. Ground based validation of Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service data for Kyiv (Andrii Shelestov, Hanna Yailymova, Bohdan Yailymov, Oleh Samoilenko, Mark Volynskii, Leonid Shumilo)
2. Intellectual analysis of major crops area due to climate changes in Ukraine (Myhailo Emelyanov, Hanna Yailymove, Andrii Shelestov, Bohdan Yailymov)

The works are based on the results of the 1st quarter of projects of the National Research Fund of Ukraine, namely: “Intelligent models and methods for determining indicators of land degradation based on satellite data” and “Geospatial models and information technologies for satellite monitoring of smart city”.

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