Creation of information system for providing users with aerospace data

Implementing organization: Space Research Institute of NASU-SSAU
Leader: Ph.D., prof. Kussul NM
The purpose of the project:
The main purpose of the project is to develop the first stage of the geo-portal of the Sich-2 space satellite system and the software and technical complex of geographic data binding of the Sich-2 space system for Ukraine.

Description of the results of the work in 2012:
Geoportal of space system RSE “Sich-2” has been developed which provides search and display of “Sich-2” data. There are also examples of solving applied (thematic) problems in the agriculture and emergencies areas.
These works were carried out within the framework of the international cooperation of Space Research Institute of NASU-SSAU in the GEO work plan in the following areas:

  • AG-01 Global Agricultural Monitoring and Early Warning – monitoring of agriculture;
  • DI-01 Informing Risk Management and Disaster Reduction – Emergency Risk Monitoring and Assessment.

The geoportal web-site of the remote sensing space system “Sich-2”:

The software of geographical data linking of spacecraft “Sich-2” is also developed. It was created according to the developed architecture, schema of the database and program interfaces and which consists of the following components :

  • a data processing component intended for direct geo-referencing of data with the relevant software interface;
  • user interface which corresponds to the Open Geospatial Consortium standards;
  • GEOCOVER 2000 Base Cover Reference Database.

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