Ukrainian competition of ecological projects “ECO-POGLYAD”

Within the Ukrainian competition of ecological projects  “ECO-POGLYAD”of Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine ( research project “Assessment of theurban green areas impact on the air quality in Kyiv city” goes to the second round. The project author is the pupil of the 7th grade of the Technical Lyceum of NTUU “KPI” Shelestov Artem.

The core of the project is the support and achievement of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDG Indicators) by 2030 year.
The work results  reflect the main ideas of the ERA-Planet / SMURBS project, which is being implemented at the Space Research Institute of NASU-SSAU and the multidisciplinary network Copernicus Academy Ukraine.

Congratulations to the finalist and wish creative inspiration!

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