Webinar “From Master to Space Data Scientist”

The 2nd of June in Institute of Space Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the State Administration of Ukraine a webinar “From Master to Space Data Scientist” took place!

Guests of the event were students from the 1st undergraduate course which has taken benchmark for quality magistracy, to those who have received higher education and looking for a new perspective directions of development. In total, almost fifty people spent an hour with us, where they learned many useful facts from the life of the scientific sphere.

The main theses that were revealed at the webinar:
1. What is a master’s degree?
2. How to choose it?
3. What criteria should be followed?
4. How does a master’s degree help build a successful career?

Members of our young team shared their personal experience from the master’s degree to Data Scientist, which began with the Space Research Institute, and answered questions from the audience about aspects of master’s and graduate studies under the guidance of leading scientists!

We thank our speakers: Shumilo Leonid, Master of NTUU “KPI”, Mykola Lavrenyuk, Researcher of SRI NASU and SSAU, and Serhii Skakun, Professor of the University of Maryland (USA)!

Master’s degree from Kyiv Academic University on the basis of SRI NASU and SSAU, specialty 122 “Computer Science and Information Technology” (specialization “Space Information Technology”) can be one of the main stages of your life!
More details, at the links:
1. https://qrgo.page.link/4EDGh (Machine learning for Earth Observation tasks)
2. https://qrgo.page.link/NzJie (Cloud satellite monitoring technologies) !

Co-organizers of the event: Kyiv Academic University and Belka Student Space


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