Our team’s work at IEEE EUROCON 2023

Our department, together with the team of the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis presented their work at the IEEE EUROCON 2023 conference. The first work on the use of machine learning to build a map of forest cover using satellite data was carried out as part of the European SWIFTT project. The main result of the work is a new forest map for Europe, which will help to better identify different types of forests and better monitor forest diseases in the future. As our preliminary models for Ukraine show the effectiveness and reliability of the proposed approach, this approach will be ideal for other countries as well. The second work on air quality monitoring and the possibility of drawing certain conclusions about human migration during the war was carried out as part of a project funded by the National Research Foundation of Ukraine. The paper presents several different approaches to improve the accuracy of air quality assessments. One method is to use land cover mapping tools to better understand how it is interconnected. IEEE EUROCON 2023 provides a unique opportunity to bring together researchers and practitioners from various fields, discuss the latest advances in various fields, and promote interdisciplinary interaction. Let’s keep working and developing Ukrainian science.

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