Meeting with representatives of the Central Statistical Office in Kyiv

Today, on November 14, 2019, the #NESKyivSRI (Space Research Institute of NASU and SSAU) hosted representatives of the Central Statistical Office in Kiev State Statistics Service of Ukraine (

The main topic of the meeting was  devoted to the protection and preservation of the environment and maintaining the quality level of the atmospheric air in Kyiv. Such measures are very relevant today because, first and foremost, they are aimed at preserving human health. Prevention of a number of diseases is the protection of the respiratory tract from the effects of harmful substances that through negligent tones enter the atmosphere. Therefore, it is necessary to create opportunities for air regulation and control.

The NESKyivSRI team has already begun work in this area.
With students and mentors of #NoosphereEngineeringSchool based on# SRI NASU SSAU was established geoportal SAFE-AQ, which provides access for the average Ukrainian, and for government agencies of the country to air quality data in accessible and understandable form, in order to track performance environment, we live in.

During the discussion of urban air pollution representatives of the two offices agreed to cooperate. It will open a new area of innovation in the field of prevention of air and development of topical products for tracking and analyzing the environmental situation. The main environmental indicators of Kyiv were analyzed. The statistics of emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases from atmospheric air from stationary sources of pollution and the cases of diseases that arise in case of respiratory tract damage by such agents were discussed.

Synthesis of satellite data, information technology and statistics will help to better identify and eliminate the negative factors that affect the quality of air, and therefore the quality of our life as a whole.

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